Give your agents the information they need

All plans start with a 14-day free trial. No credit card required.


For over 100 agents
Starting at 900 $/month
  • All Company features

  • SLA

  • Audit logs

  • Premium support

⭑ Most popular plan ⭑


Includes access for 25 agents
149 $/month
  • Advanced Data sources

    MySQL / MariaDB
    MS SQL Server
    Google Sheets
  • Priority email support


Includes access for 5 agents
59 $/month
  • Basic data sources

    Google Sheets
    Compatible JSON-API
  • Standard email support

All plans include a 14-day free trial and start with all features. No credit card required to sign up. Change plans or cancel anytime.

All prices excluding VAT and local sales-taxes.

What about the number of agents?

The number of agents is determined by how many different Zendesk agents access FactBranch during a calendar month. If your team outgrows your plan, each additional agent is 3$/month. The amount charged will be adjusted automatically and your team will continue to have access to FactBranch. If you prefer a different pricing structure, please contact .

We have customers around the world...

...and across industries. They all love FactBranch.

Our support is excellent

Once you sign up for FactBranch, an engineer will email you and will be your personal contact at FactBranch. They will help you to set everything up, make changes or get a custom integration project going.

Saving time and nerves

Without FactBranch, agents either can't look up critical information about your customers or they have to switch tabs constantly. This wastes time and focus. FactBranch loads fresh customer data from your data source every time an agent opens a ticket in Zendesk.

Tear down those silos

Information has to flow between departments so everybody can do their best work. FactBranch provides agents with valuable context about the customer and lets sales or account management pass on information to support.

Advanced Connections

We love to help people with advanced integration projects. Examples include complicated database schemas & queries, multiple data sources or APIs, data enrichment and caching. Request a custom quote to benefit from our expertise in connecting APIs and data sources.