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FactBranch loads fresh customer data from your data source and displays it to your agents when they open a conversation in Dixa.

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Use all of our data sources with Dixa

Wherever your data is, we've got you covered. Query your SQL database, a spreadsheet or any RESTful API. Build data pipelines in FactBranch and either connect data sources with each other or show customer data to your team in Dixa.

SQL Server
Constant Contact
Google Sheets

Docs, tutorials & video guides

Build well-structured GUIs for your Dixa conversations. Use default templates or customize the HTML. Setup only takes a few minutes from start to finish.

Whatever data you want to display in your Dixa conversations, we have a video guide and a blog post walking you through setup step by step. Learn how to use Dixa with:

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Build powerful data pipelines

FactBranch's data pipelines are the easiest way to connect multiple data sources. Query your database, APIs or spreadsheets. Either use a single source or collect data from multiple sources. Write your results to another API or display them in one of our apps.

Whatever you're building, with our visual flow editor it takes seconds and no coding is required.

Privacy & Security

Here are the three key features of our privacy and security strategy. First of all, we minimize the amount of data we store. The little data we have to persist is treated as securely as possible. And finally, we strive to align this with GDPR and other privacy regulations.

We don’t store or cache your data

At FactBranch, we believe that your data is your data and nobody else's. That's why we don't store or cache any of your data by default. Only if you explicitly activate “record requests”, will we record data that passes through FactBranch.

GDPR & CCPA ready

The core design of FactBranch makes it easy to comply with data privacy laws. Should you be subject to GDPR or CCPA, we provide documents like a list of sub-processors and a data processing agreement. Learn more about how we handle your data in our privacy policy.

Hosted on Google Cloud Infrastructure

FactBranch is committed to providing the highest level of privacy and security for our customers. That's why we've chosen to host on Google Cloud. Not only is all data encrypted at rest and in transit, it is also distributed for availability and reliability. Google Cloud’s processes undergo independent audits, including ISO/IEC 27001/27017/27018/27701 and SOC 1/2/3.

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