FactBranch connects your different data sources, runs queries and combines the results in data pipelines. You can either display the results in one of our apps or write the results into a database or an API.

We call these data pipelines Flows and you can have several Flows in your FactBranch account. One for every job you need to get done. Every Flow is started by a trigger. After a Flow is triggered it runs each of its nodes until finally it returns the results from the last node.

Here is a screenshot of a Flow in FactBranch that first queries the internal API, then an external billing API and finally displays the results in our Zendesk app:

Flow Editor in action

Getting started

If you don't have a FactBranch account yet, head to the sign up page and create an account to get started.

Once you have a FactBranch account, go to your Flows dashboard and create your first Flow.

This page gave you a rough overview how FactBranch is structured. Our docs on nodes, triggers, authentications and the Flow Editor itself, go into much more details how to get the most out of these components.