To connect your FactBranch account to a data source via OAuth, click on Manage authentications in your Flows dashboard, and then click on Create authentication. Select the OAuth service you'd like to connect to.

In this article you'll learn about:

Available OAuth data sources

Currently FactBranch connects to these OAuth services. But we're adding services all the time, so if your data source is not on the list, please reach out to support@factbranch.com and tell us which service you need.

  • Google Sheets
  • ConstantContact
  • Zendesk Sell

Renaming the authentication

To rename the authentication, either click on Rename next to the title, or double-click on the title itself. Then enter the new name and click on Save or hit Enter on your keyboard. To revert to the old name, hit the Escape key.

Using the authentication in a REST API node

First create a REST API node in one of your Flows. Edit the node by clicking Edit next to the node in the Flow Editor. Select the Authentication tab on the left side of the screen. Then click on Select an authentication... - or on change... if that node already has an authentication associated. Select the authentication you'd like to use and from now on this node will use for all its requests the OAuth connection you've selected.