If you want to display data in Zendesk Support, Zendesk Chat or Zendesk Sell, you can use FactBranch's Zendesk app.

In this article you'll learn:

You can install the FactBranch Zendesk app inside the three main Zendesk products:

Zendesk Support
The app can be shown next to a ticket, a new ticket, an organization or a user. Depending on the location, it sends different properties to FactBranch to look up customer data.
Zendesk Chat
The FactBranch app is shown in the chat sidebar
Zendesk Sell
The app can be displayed in the lead, company, person or deal card.

Creating a Flow for the Zendesk app

In the FactBranch Flow dashboard click on Create Flow and then select Show data in the FactBranch Zendesk app. This creates a Flow with a Zendesk app trigger.

Click on Config next to the trigger block to get to the trigger config page.

The first step will be to collect real-world test data for this Flow. In the Incoming data box activate Record requests.

We're now ready to install the FactBranch app in Zendesk. You will need the API-key from the trigger config page during setup.

Installing the FactBranch app in Zendesk

There are three different FactBranch apps for Zendesk - so make sure to pick the correct one from the Zendesk Marketplace:

Click the Install button and continue. You might have to log in with your Zendesk account here.

When you're asked for the FactBranch API-key, copy the API-key from the trigger config page. Optionally you may select roles and groups for which to install the app here or simply hit Install to finish setup.

Collecting real-world test data

Now open the place where you've installed the app in Zendesk. In Zendesk Support this might be a ticket or in Zendesk Sell a deal or a lead, etc. Make sure the FactBranch app is loaded. You might have to click on the Apps icon on the right to display the apps sidebar. If it's not expanded, click on the FactBranch app. The FactBranch app should be empty except for a reload button, but should not display any errors. If it does and you're unsure what to do, please do reach out to anytime.

Head back to the trigger config page in FactBranch and click reload. You should see at least one request in the list of Incoming data.

Click on one recorded request to reveal its content. To use that particular data as incoming data for this Flow, click on Use as test data. The trigger's test data below will update.

Don't forget to deactivate Record requests again once you're finished collecting test data.

You can now set up the rest of the Flow by configuring existing nodes or adding more nodes to the Flow.