Connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server database

The first step of connecting FactBranch to a Microsoft SQL Server database is creating a new SQL Server connection in FactBranch.


Pick the connection type

After signing up for FactBranch you'll see a list of connection types available in FactBranch. If you've signed up some time ago, log in and go to your integrations page to return to this list. Select Microsoft SQL Server to get started.

Set up the connection

Enter the database credentials and hit Test connection. FactBranch will try to connect to your database and either display a success message below or an error message telling you what went wrong.

For security reasons the credentials you enter at this step will never be displayed anywhere in your account settings and only be used by FactBranch servers to query your database. Nevertheless we recommend to create a new database-user just for FactBranch that has as few permissions as possible.

Static IP & firewalls

If your database server sits behind a firewall and you have to allow access from specific IPs, select Use a static IP when making database requests and allow access from the IP address that's displayed in the yellow box.

Finish setup

Once you get the green success box, click Save and continue to create the connection. You'll be taken to the SQL editor to write your first SQL query in FactBranch.

Next step: Enter the SQL query

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