Get customer data into Zendesk tickets

From MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server or your JSON-API.
Use our Zendesk app or push data into Zendesk fields.

How does FactBranch get customer data into the ticket? There are two different options:

Push data into ticket fields

When a ticket is created, FactBranch SQL Connector looks up customer data and saves the results directly into ticket fields. Ready for your agents and for your reports in Zendesk Explore.

Display data in the ticket sidebar

When an agent opens a ticket, SQL Connector loads the customer info from your database or your JSON API and displays it in the ticket sidebar. For this you'll have to install our app from the Zendesk Marketplace.

Companies around the world use FactBranch and SQL Connector

See our SQL editor in action

Use our setup wizard to build SQL-queries and design the output your agents should see in Zendesk. When your database schema changes or you want to display different fields, adapt your queries and output in FactBranch.

Read our in-depth guides on how to set up SQL Connector with FactBranch

Learn how to connect FactBranch to your database, spreadsheet or API and how to use the FactBranch Designer to lay out the results in SQL Connector from the Zendesk Marketplace.

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FactBranch complies with GDPR and CCPA. In short, we never store any of your data unless you explicitly tell us to. Learn more about how we handle your and your customers’ data.

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